#1 Professional Home Inspector Arlington Heights

#1 professional home inspector arlington heights

Indeed, buying and selling a home comes with its set of ups and downs, rewards and stress, and so does the home inspection process. Home inspectors offer a perfect chance for buyers and sellers to get the opinion and insights of an external, unbiased, and professional individual on a given home’s condition.

Whether you’re a seller or a prospective buyer, it is crucial to opt for a thorough home inspection before you finalize a property deal. This is because some mortgages come with terms that call for a thorough inspection. So without further ado, let’s look at what home inspectors are responsible for and what a typical home inspection looks like for the #1 professional home inspector Arlington Heights IL.

What to Expect from a #1 Professional Home Inspector Arlington Heights

Home inspectors are qualified experts who are responsible for visually inspecting the components and structure of homes and looking for any potential or immediate problems. They give the buyer or seller of the property a comprehensive written report with a detailed description of the problematic areas (if any).

Besides that, they might also include recommendations for further assessment. You can discuss this home inspection report with your real estate agent to determine how the report’s outcomes might affect the purchase of your prospective home.

The costs for having your home/potential home inspected usually vary between $350 and $ 600. Home inspectors undergo professional training to recognize signs of defects in the home and report them to the buyer, and get the seller to pay for them before closing the deal to make a well-informed decision.

In addition, if a professional home inspection does uncover serious defects or problems within a property, prospective buyers can back out from buying the home or renegotiate the sale price as long as they have a home inspection contingency in their contract agreement. Inspection contingencies are common provisions in the home purchase contract and give buyers a chance to determine any serious concerns before finalizing the deal. On the other hand, sellers are interested in knowing everything home inspectors will look for during the search so they can be prepared for their visit and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Here Are The Systems a Professional Home Inspector will check:

#1 professional home inspector arlington heights

● Buyers are recommended to attend the home inspection to explore their potential home in detail and ask questions if they have any queries in mind. This can give them more first-hand information than the inspection report alone.

● In general, home inspections take around 2-4 hours to conduct. However, depending on the house size, it can take more time. Once the physical inspection is done, the home inspector can take a few days to send the written report.

● Professional Home inspectors will examine a house’s interior and exterior parts, such as the plumbing, roofing, foundation, HVAC, structural components, and electrical systems, and then give a written home inspection report.

If a specific number of defects show up on the report, you shouldn’t be concerned, as most of these defects will be so trivial that there won’t even be a need to fix them. Instead, you should focus on the severity of the home’s problems, as some of them can be deal-breakers. In case of serious issues, you should discuss the best way forward with your real estate agent and professional home inspector.

Is It Mandatory To Get A  Professional Home Inspection?

As a new home buyer, you might ponder if these home inspections are compulsory and if there are any potential benefits you can reap by investing so much money and time in it. On the other hand, as a first-time seller, you might be clueless about which areas require more attention to save your property from quickly depreciating.

Even though home inspections are usually recommended when selling or purchasing a home, they’re generally unnecessary unless the purchase contract includes an inspection contingency.

Most mortgages call for a home inspection under the terms and conditions section. Although it is important to know that, an inspection differs from a home appraisal, which is required almost all the time. If you forgo a home inspection as a buyer, you will be responsible for any problems that occur in your home after the sale.

#1 Professional Home Inspector Arlington Heights

The fact you should opt for a renowned home inspector can’t be emphasized enough. Every country, including the United States of America, has different standards for home inspections. These standards must be met under all conditions to validate a trustworthy sale.

But most importantly, home inspectors must be certified for the complete process to be considered legit. Even though it is a bit more costly to hire a certified & professional  home inspector than just any regular contractor, the extra bucks will be worth every bit once you get the comprehensive home inspection report.

If you’re searching for a professional home inspector Arlington Heights IL, then you’ll be contented to know that Firehouse Home Inspections and Radon Testing is one of the best and most professional home inspector businesses in the Northwest Suburbs, Illinois area.

We strive to exceed the minimum reporting requirements deemed compulsory by the State of Illinois, wherever and whenever it is possible, to give our clients as much information about their beloved homes as we can.


Key Areas Covered by Firehouse Home Inspections

At Firehouse Home Inspections, we offer single-family home, pre-listing, simplex and duplex condos, townhouse, foundation, attic, HVAC, basement, plumbing, electrical, roof, and follow-up inspections to the people of Northwest Suburbs, Illinois area.

#1 professional home inspector arlington heights


1. Foundation, Basement, and Crawlspace & Structure

  • The foundation of any house is critical. A few minor settlement cracks can be considered normal, but that is also up to a certain point. However, when there are more significant cracks, such as bowing of your foundation walls, and sometimes a pattern known as “step cracking,” they signify structural issues on a broader scale.
  • Trusses/rafters require thorough assessment for proper strength and alignment. This is when our home inspectors attempt to implement various effective strategies to manage crawl space environments, and it’s not unusual for contradictory strategies to be misapplied at once. Instead of fixing current issues, they tend to raise new ones such as insulation, ventilation, encapsulation, conditioning, and floor cover.

2. Roof                                                                                                                                        

  • The roof of a house is one of the most costly things to worry about. At Firehouse Home Inspections, we thoroughly evaluate the shingle’s condition, look for missing or damaged shingles, evaluate their approximate age, look for penetrations, and ensure the plumbing vent stack boots haven’t deteriorated or allowed water to enter the attic.
  • If there is a chimney, the crown’s condition is examined to see if there are any loose or missing bricks. The inspector will also ensure the flashing is adequately sealed and done.

3. Exterior                                                                                                                                 

  • Upon assessing the exterior, our home inspectors will thoroughly check to ensure all the railings are secured, the sidings are accurately flashed and connected to the house, and examine the deck construction to see if it is properly attached.


  • Our home inspectors also inspect the driveway and walkways to the house to properly pitch and explain the existing damages. Rainwater management is a crucial issue that requires overseeing. The downspouts and gutters must be free of debris/dirt/leaves, and discharge water should be at least 6-8 feet from the foundation. Rest assured, all the exterior components of your home, where signs of moisture intrusion might negatively affect the structure, would undergo examination.

4. Plumbing                                                                                                                             

  • Plumbing is the most crucial system that requires a comprehensive inspection. Buyers and sellers must understand that older drain waste pipes can be incredibly expensive to replace. In some places where plumbing is not visible, our inspectors will look for leaks and scan the probable moisture areas with infrared cameras to detect hidden leaks that haven’t been exposed on their own yet.

5. Electrical                                                                                                                            

  • Just like the plumbing system, it is essential to double-check the home’s electrical wiring. Our inspectors ensure the house is free from all sorts of code violations or wiring issues to prevent any unexpected injuries or accidents.

6. Heating, Ventilation, Cooling, HVAC                                                                  

  • Our inspectors will check the houses to ensure the ac/heating source works appropriately and within the correct variances. They will also check if each room is adequately ventilated. In many instances, additions/remodels can be found with spaces/bathrooms missing air ducts for proper cold/hot air flow.
  • Moreover, examining the attic helps our inspectors assess the home’s insulation values and see beyond the roof sheathing. Our #1 trustworthy home inspector will keep a vigilant eye for penetrations and leaks and ensure that any duct-work is connected to proper exit points and is in top condition.

7. Appliances                                                                                                                           

  • Our inspectors thoroughly check all the home appliances. They will run the stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and dryer/washer and check the fridge’s water dispenser.

8. Fireplace/Gas/Wood Burning

  • If there’s a fireplace in your home, it will also need to be inspected. Our inspectors will look up the chimney and evaluate the damper. The chimney will also be inspected from up on the roof to check the crown and spalling bricks and see any visible cracks.

9. Interior, Doors, and Windows

  • Windows and doors are opened and shut to see if there are any failed seals. The ceilings and walls are inspected for structural problems and plumbing leaks.

10. Chimney                                                                                                                         

  • The chimney/flue liner calls for a more intrusive inspection as it requires examining the flue parts, which can be hard to see with a naked eye. For this, our professional inspector uses an HD specialized camera to do an in-depth analysis of the cracks and deteriorated mortar in hard-to-access areas.

#1 professional home Inspector Arlington Heights

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