Our Mission:

“To serve our clients with integrity and 100% focusing on their best interests. We are passionate about continuing education and proud to offer a higher level of certainty. We love to help people and seek to establish genuine relationships with our clients.”

A Little About Us And What Makes Us Get Out Of The Bed Every Morning.

Firehouse Home Inspections is a family operated business run by Patryk & Ineta Wolinski. Our personal business story started around 2013 when Patryk opened up his own window washing business all thanks to his girlfriend at the time, Ineta Jokubaitis, helping with the purchase and downpayment of the first truck needed to run our first company 911 Home Services, Inc out of Mount Prospect, Illinois. What started from humble beginnings, with hard work and dedication grew into the business we have today.

Patryk and Ineta grew up in the northwest suburbs of Illinois and shaped the love for their community into their careers. While attending Harper College and working on becoming a licensed Paramedic/Firefighter, Patryk continued to provide each customer with detail oriented work around the north-west suburbs. During his shifts as the firefighter, his wife would take care of billing/pick up phone calls and schedule customers, while working as a nurse full time. As a result of diligence and great care for each customer, 911 Home Services grew into one of the biggest gutter cleaning companies in the north-west suburbs all through customer referrals.

During these past 7 years in this business, Patryk learned the ins and outs of homes, noted common issues in the area’s homes, and climbed 1000s of roofs all over the Chicagoland. In addition, due to his customers requests for additional home maintenance services, Patryk also had opportunities to offer services such as roof leak repair, sealing driveways and cleaning/inspecting chimneys, ect. After many years of mastering business fundamentals & customer service, it was time to take on a bigger challenge but still do what we were passionate about doing in the first place : taking care of our customers and their homes.

“Money is not our motivation, our client’s experience and satisfaction with their home inspection process are. It’s just who we are and it makes us feel good to help others. If there is a way to help, you can always contact us, even after our home inspection. Our community is important to us, so save our info, like us on Facebook and reach out with any home maintenance questions/help years from your home inspection with us.”

Present Day

Patryk and Ineta run Firehouse Home Inspections with Patryk as the lead-inspector/full-time firefighter/paramedic and Ineta runs our sister company North-West Radon Testing and is the lead Radon Measurement Professional while still working as a part-time home care nurse. At this point in time, you will get Patryk for a home inspection and Ineta for your radon measurement — if you decide to go with us! Give us a try, we would love to show you what great experience can do!

Our Team


Patryk Wolinski

Lead Inspector
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Morale Officer
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Ineta Wolinski

Radon Measurement Professional