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The Village of Palatine offers diversified lifestyles with a family atmosphere. Located in northwestern Cook County, Palatine’s favorable position in the Chicago Metropolitan area is very attractive to suburban dwellers and businesses alike.

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Palatine, IL Plumbing Systems:
Homes built after 1972 have separate sump pumps for the foundation drainage system as well as overhead plumbing for the sewerage system. A separate foundation drainage system keeps the groundwater collected by the footing drains from entering and overloading the sanitary facility during rain.Not sure about a radon test? If you’re buying a home in Palatine, IL, get it tested for radon.
Radon is unpredictable. Two houses built right next to every other may have very diverse radon levels. Every house is at risk of radon, even new construction.

Additional Areas of Inspection

Sewer Service Lines

Clay pipes and cast iron pipes were commonly utilized in Palatine, Illinois before the mid-1980s. These are more liable to cracking and deterioration especially when underground. If most or all of the line is in bad shape, then replacement or lining could also be necessary. The homeowner owns and maintains the sewer service from the house up to and including the connection to the main. Cast-iron sewer pipes can last anywhere from 50 years to 65 years. In many cases, a cast-iron pipe can last for much longer than that. Some sources believe the lifespan may be up to 75 years, and longer. All in all, cast iron sewer pipes are made to last for many years exclusive of certain factors.

Buying an older home in Palatine? The village might help out with the expenses.
There is a city interest to encourage the owners of homes with the older style plumbing to take measures to either protect their homes from a sewer backup or upgrade the system to current plumbing standards. Besides protecting the health and safety of its residents from the consequences of sewage backups, it also reduces the quantity of extraneous groundwater and rainwater entering and by that overwhelming the sanitary sewage system. For this reason, the Village will cost-share with the homeowner for certain varieties of upgrades. The monetary number of assistance by the Village has been based on how well the specific improvement achieves the goal of preventing sewer backups and reducing the number of groundwater and/or rainwater getting into the sanitary sewage system. For more info, contact Palatine Village Hall – at 847-358-7500.

Reimbursement Information:
To qualify for multiple reimbursements, the proposal from the contractor must separate each individual charge.

  • All applicants are going to be required to complete the Federal IRS W-9 form as payments over $600.00 could also be considered taxable income
  • Maximum reimbursement is $6000.00
  • Village shall make payments within 45-days after receiving all necessary documents to the applicant only, not to the contractor.

Local Flood Area Maps:
The Engineering Division can facilitate you in determining whether your home is located in a flood hazard area. The village might also be able to help you in determining whether an elevation certificate is obtainable for your property or can assist you in preparing one if your flood insurance carrier requests one. To receive flood hazard (floodplain) information, call 847-705-5200.Drinking Water Test:
The Department of public works Water Division takes 66 water samples per month throughout the system to make sure that our drinking water is clean and safe. The water is fluoridated in Evanston with a 1.0/ppm (parts per million) concentration. Chlorine is added to keep the facility safe. The Village of Palatine strictly adheres to all water quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Radon Resistant Construction Act (Palatine, IL):
As of June 1, 2013, all new residential construction in Palatine, IL shall include passive radon-resistant construction. New residential construction means any original construction of a single-family home or a dwelling containing 2 or fewer apartments, condominiums, or townhouses.

Palatine, Ilinois

Rental Program Overview

Under this program, every residential rental property is required to be inspected by the city and to obtain an annual Rental Dwelling License.